• Five ways lighting can affect your interior

    Lighting plays a very important part in the overall look and design of your interior. When it comes to creating a lighting plan there are many things to consider, as the light will affect everything, from the colour of your walls to the decor. It even has the ability to alter the size of a room. Below are five ways lighting can affect your interior.

    1. Colour

    Redecorating your home is not always a simple process. Selecting the perfect colour is top priority of course, but before you start it might be worth giving consideration to how the colour will look when the room is lit. Incandescent light has the ability to make reds and oranges visibly striking, whereas fluorescent light may strain some colours such as blue and green. Halogen light on the other hand is able to enhance most colours.

    2. Natural light

    Natural light can change the look and feel of a room very quickly. We don’t give it a second look, when the sun is glaring in through the windows our first thought it to shut it out. This way your home faces can have bearing on the amount of light your interior will receive. North and South facing rooms benefit from a cool look and feel, while East and West facing rooms can improve warm colours in both the morning and evening.

    3. Bigger space

    Maximizing the most amount of space in a room can be tricky, however,  by using subtle lighting choices you can create the illusion of a bigger space. Recessed and pendant lights are the ideal choices in this instance. You probably need to have a high ceiling, but if the lights are hung or installed high enough then with careful planning you’ll create the perception of a much larger room.

    4. Productivity

    We all know that trying to undertake tasks around the home in poor light could have a significant impact on our eye sight. Poor lighting in the home can put a strain on your eyes leaving you tired and in some cases with headaches. Similarly, too much light can affect your vision as well as your mood. The interior lighting plan should take into account the areas of the home where you spend a lot of time undertaking day-to-day tasks, such as the kitchen. Here you can install light fittings that direct a cone of light onto the workspace, which won’t leave any shadows.

    5. Mood

    Lastly, interior lighting can impact your mood. Natural light generally has a calming influence; it can be softer, depending of course, on the weather. Poor lighting will almost certainly have a negative impact and may cause you to become irritable and lethargic. One way to balance this out is by fitting a dimmer switch, by doing so you have total control of the lighting, mood and atmosphere in the room.

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  • How to decorate your room with mirrors only!

    Mirrors are not only a way to make sure that you look your best before you head out for the day, they can also be decorative pieces too. In the most part it is a simple case of hanging a mirror on a wall, but what you may not realise is that you can use the simple mirror to decorate and transform an entire room.

    A mirrored table runner makes for a modern centrepiece

    Want to create a different look for your dining room? Why not place a full length mirror along the centre of your table and use that as a base for your centrepiece? You can place a simple vase on it or perhaps a selection of candles, whatever you choose you will create an eye-catching decoration that will be the focal part of your dining room.

    Create the image of space in even the smallest of rooms

    If you are struggling to make the most of a small room, then why not invest in a large mirror? All you need to do is rest a large mirror against a wall in the room and it will add the effect of plenty of room, all without having to knock down any walls.

    Use mirrors to create a rather impressive wall art collection

    Want a different take on wall art? Why not buy an assortment of mirrors, all different shapes and sizes, and have those hanging on one wall in the house? This will not only give the illusion of space but is also an interesting way to create a feature wall.

    Create another window and let in some light

    Struggling with natural light in your room? Is it due to the lack of windows? If this is the case for you then hang a mirror opposite one of the existing windows in order to reflect the light coming in and illuminate the space to make it appear bigger and lighter.

    Light up a fireplace with a mirror backdrop

    Have an unused fireplace that you are not sure what to do with? Candles are a common addition to old fireplaces and whilst these look great on their own, popping a mirror behind them will instantly lighten the space, and come the evening, the lit candles will look all the more beautiful.

    Hopefully, these ideas have given you the inspiration to transform your home, none of which includes the need to paint or wallpaper those walls.

    Looking for the perfect mirror for your home? Why not check out the ornate, beautiful, and timeless mirrors that we have here at Select Mirrors. We can really help you to transform any room in your house with ease and best of all, we work hard to ensure that you not only receive the highest quality mirror but that you pay a great price too.

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  • How to Use Mirrors to Add the Finishing Touch to Any Room

    Have you ever had that feeling that something is missing, once you’ve finished an interior design project? The finishing touches are some of the most exciting things to add to any room, but how do you know what to pick? Too many little touches can seem like you’ve gone overboard, whereas too few will make it seem as though the room is unfinished. Mirrors are the perfect home accessory to add the finishing touch to any room. Let us show you how!

    Bring in Some Light

    One of the best things about mirrors is that they can make any dark, small room seem bigger and brighter! Placing your mirror in the right place can reflect light, making it seem as though the space is constantly sunny. Ideally, you want to place your mirror either opposite or next to a window. Not only will this make the room seem brighter, but it will be the perfect place for natural light - handy if you’re planning on using it to get ready. The bigger the mirror, the more light it is going to reflect. Don’t be afraid to take up all the space you have on a wall, particularly if the room is small. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a large mirror can make to a tiny room.

    A Touch of Colour

    Adding a sprinkling of colour to your room as a finishing touch is always a winner! If you’ve gone for neutral palettes, such as whites or creams, then a burst of colour can really liven up a room. You don’t need to invest in 20 rainbow-coloured scatter cushions to achieve this effect, however. Consider how just the frame of a mirror can bring in some different hues, without going overboard. Pick one key colour that you would like as a ‘feature’ in your room. Next, choose a handful of accessories that will complement that palette. You don’t need to opt for everything in exactly the same shade. Sometimes, varying shades can work wonders. Now, find yourself a mirror that will also complement your chosen colour palette. You’ll be surprised at how this can really finish a room off.

    Create a Feature Wall

    Feeling a little bit daring? How about creating a feature wall, full of mirrors?! It’s a trend that has been growing in popularity recently - for good reason. You wouldn’t need any other accessories in a room, with this stunning interior design idea. All you need are a variety of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Round ones seem to look best. However, other shapes work just as well. Scatter the mirrors across one entire wall, mixing up where they go. You want it to look almost higgledy-piggledy, as opposed to just straight lines. It’s guaranteed to become a talking point in any house. 

    Mirrors have so many interior design benefits, and using them to add finishing touches is just one. Next time you’re wondering how to complete your next interior design project, consider using mirrors to really impress.

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  • Top Tips for Making a Room Look Bigger With Mirrors

    Small rooms are typically quite difficult to work with. They can sometimes be dark, and it seems almost impossible to make them look larger. However, there are some tips and tricks to help that small, dark room look bigger. Mirrors can be a key accessory to help you achieve just that. Here are our top tips for making a room look bigger with mirrors.

    Group Together

    It may sound like a strange idea, but it really does work. Not only that, but it looks fantastic too. If you group a cluster of mirrors together, the impact it can have in a small room is out of this world! You can go with a theme and have several similar mirrors grouped together on one wall. Alternatively, opt for a more shabby chic look by mixing up the different styles. This can also create a sense of organisation and bring an entire room together.

    Floor Length Mirrors

    This is the perfect trick for making a room look bigger with mirrors! It works particularly well with narrow rooms, too. Think about how you can transform a dark corridor by adding a mirror at one end. Floor length mirrors will instantly add more light to a room, making it seem bigger. Long shapes can play smart tricks in smaller spaces; making your eyes travel upwards. It will feel like you have big ceilings and an even bigger room!

    Turn Sideways

    Similar to the floor length trick, turning a mirror on its side can work wonders. Again, this is all to do with the way our eyes are instantly drawn to longer shapes. If you have a long, skinny mirror, then turn it on its side before putting it on the wall. It will make the room seem wider and will reflect more light - particularly if it’s higher up.

    Reflect the Light

    Think about how you can place your mirror (or mirrors) to reflect the light. The more light a room has, the larger it appears. You can even create a fake window using this method. Simply cluster together small, square mirrors and place them opposite your actual window. This will give the illusion of more space, by reflecting the natural light from outside.

    Think Outside the Box

    You don’t need to place mirrors in the ‘normal’ places for them to make a room seem larger. Think outside the box a little! Where in your house is generally quite dark? How about behind the stove in the kitchen? What about using tiny mirrors to create a splashback behind a sink? It’s also become popular to put them next to your dining room table - restaurants to do this to make the most out of low light conditions. Consider which parts of the home you could easily brighten up with an eye-catching mirror.

    It’s incredible how just a little addition to a room can make it seem so much bigger. And mirrors are the perfect way to do this! Have a play around with several different styles and positions, until you find the tricks that work best for your space.

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