June 05, 2021

Top Tips for Making a Room Look Bigger With Mirrors

By Corey McNeill

Small rooms are typically quite difficult to work with. They can sometimes be dark, and it seems almost impossible to make them look larger. However, there are some tips and tricks to help that small, dark room look bigger. Mirrors can be a key accessory to help you achieve just that. Here are our top tips for making a room look bigger with mirrors.

Group Together

It may sound like a strange idea, but it really does work. Not only that, but it looks fantastic too. If you group a cluster of mirrors together, the impact it can have in a small room is out of this world! You can go with a theme and have several similar mirrors grouped together on one wall. Alternatively, opt for a more shabby chic look by mixing up the different styles. This can also create a sense of organisation and bring an entire room together.

Floor Length Mirrors

This is the perfect trick for making a room look bigger with mirrors! It works particularly well with narrow rooms, too. Think about how you can transform a dark corridor by adding a mirror at one end. Floor length mirrors will instantly add more light to a room, making it seem bigger. Long shapes can play smart tricks in smaller spaces; making your eyes travel upwards. It will feel like you have big ceilings and an even bigger room!

Turn Sideways

Similar to the floor length trick, turning a mirror on its side can work wonders. Again, this is all to do with the way our eyes are instantly drawn to longer shapes. If you have a long, skinny mirror, then turn it on its side before putting it on the wall. It will make the room seem wider and will reflect more light - particularly if it’s higher up.

Reflect the Light

Think about how you can place your mirror (or mirrors) to reflect the light. The more light a room has, the larger it appears. You can even create a fake window using this method. Simply cluster together small, square mirrors and place them opposite your actual window. This will give the illusion of more space, by reflecting the natural light from outside.

Think Outside the Box

You don’t need to place mirrors in the ‘normal’ places for them to make a room seem larger. Think outside the box a little! Where in your house is generally quite dark? How about behind the stove in the kitchen? What about using tiny mirrors to create a splashback behind a sink? It’s also become popular to put them next to your dining room table - restaurants to do this to make the most out of low light conditions. Consider which parts of the home you could easily brighten up with an eye-catching mirror.

It’s incredible how just a little addition to a room can make it seem so much bigger. And mirrors are the perfect way to do this! Have a play around with several different styles and positions, until you find the tricks that work best for your space.