May 01, 2022

How to Use Mirrors to Add the Finishing Touch to Any Room

By Corey McNeill

Have you ever had that feeling that something is missing, once you’ve finished an interior design project? The finishing touches are some of the most exciting things to add to any room, but how do you know what to pick? Too many little touches can seem like you’ve gone overboard, whereas too few will make it seem as though the room is unfinished. Mirrors are the perfect home accessory to add the finishing touch to any room. Let us show you how!

Bring in Some Light

One of the best things about mirrors is that they can make any dark, small room seem bigger and brighter! Placing your mirror in the right place can reflect light, making it seem as though the space is constantly sunny. Ideally, you want to place your mirror either opposite or next to a window. Not only will this make the room seem brighter, but it will be the perfect place for natural light - handy if you’re planning on using it to get ready. The bigger the mirror, the more light it is going to reflect. Don’t be afraid to take up all the space you have on a wall, particularly if the room is small. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a large mirror can make to a tiny room.

A Touch of Colour

Adding a sprinkling of colour to your room as a finishing touch is always a winner! If you’ve gone for neutral palettes, such as whites or creams, then a burst of colour can really liven up a room. You don’t need to invest in 20 rainbow-coloured scatter cushions to achieve this effect, however. Consider how just the frame of a mirror can bring in some different hues, without going overboard. Pick one key colour that you would like as a ‘feature’ in your room. Next, choose a handful of accessories that will complement that palette. You don’t need to opt for everything in exactly the same shade. Sometimes, varying shades can work wonders. Now, find yourself a mirror that will also complement your chosen colour palette. You’ll be surprised at how this can really finish a room off.

Create a Feature Wall

Feeling a little bit daring? How about creating a feature wall, full of mirrors?! It’s a trend that has been growing in popularity recently - for good reason. You wouldn’t need any other accessories in a room, with this stunning interior design idea. All you need are a variety of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Round ones seem to look best. However, other shapes work just as well. Scatter the mirrors across one entire wall, mixing up where they go. You want it to look almost higgledy-piggledy, as opposed to just straight lines. It’s guaranteed to become a talking point in any house. 

Mirrors have so many interior design benefits, and using them to add finishing touches is just one. Next time you’re wondering how to complete your next interior design project, consider using mirrors to really impress.