March 08, 2023

How to decorate your room with mirrors only!

By selectmirrors Admin

Mirrors are not only a way to make sure that you look your best before you head out for the day, they can also be decorative pieces too. In the most part it is a simple case of hanging a mirror on a wall, but what you may not realise is that you can use the simple mirror to decorate and transform an entire room.

A mirrored table runner makes for a modern centrepiece

Want to create a different look for your dining room? Why not place a full length mirror along the centre of your table and use that as a base for your centrepiece? You can place a simple vase on it or perhaps a selection of candles, whatever you choose you will create an eye-catching decoration that will be the focal part of your dining room.

Create the image of space in even the smallest of rooms

If you are struggling to make the most of a small room, then why not invest in a large mirror? All you need to do is rest a large mirror against a wall in the room and it will add the effect of plenty of room, all without having to knock down any walls.

Use mirrors to create a rather impressive wall art collection

Want a different take on wall art? Why not buy an assortment of mirrors, all different shapes and sizes, and have those hanging on one wall in the house? This will not only give the illusion of space but is also an interesting way to create a feature wall.

Create another window and let in some light

Struggling with natural light in your room? Is it due to the lack of windows? If this is the case for you then hang a mirror opposite one of the existing windows in order to reflect the light coming in and illuminate the space to make it appear bigger and lighter.

Light up a fireplace with a mirror backdrop

Have an unused fireplace that you are not sure what to do with? Candles are a common addition to old fireplaces and whilst these look great on their own, popping a mirror behind them will instantly lighten the space, and come the evening, the lit candles will look all the more beautiful.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you the inspiration to transform your home, none of which includes the need to paint or wallpaper those walls.

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