July 05, 2023

Mirror Feng-Shui – can it add energy to your home?

By Corey McNeill

Mirror Feng-Shui – can it add energy to your home?

Interior design concepts are very much about the look and “feel” of a room. It’s amazing how certain colours and textures can change the mood of a room, and how vibrancy of colour can create a room that feels full of energy. The first impression when you walk into a room can have a direct affect on how you feel. Think about how it feels when you walk into a hospital or dentist surgery for example. The cold, stark design can make us feel even more nervous. Or more comfortably, when you enter a lavish hotel reception, you’ll almost instantly feel that you’re surrounded by luxury and begin to relax and unwind. In recent blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about how mirrors can add a feeling of space and light to small rooms, and how mirrors can reflect light in the absence of windows. We’ve talked about where you should put a mirror in the room to enhance design too. But what of the Feng-Shui traditions that suggest to us where we shouldn’t put a mirror in our homes, or where we can use mirrors to add not just light, but positive energy too?

Of course whether you believe that the placement of a piece of furniture can affect the energy in your house is an entirely personal thing. Although not everyone may feel that mirror Feng-Shui is of any value to them, there are some common sense design concepts with the advice of mirror Feng-Shui that we think are worth considering.

Be careful around cluttered areas

A large mirror in the lounge is the perfect centre piece and will look fantastic on a feature wall. But when placing the rest of the furniture, it’s suggest that cluttered areas such as bookcases aren’t visible in the mirror. This makes sense of course, because you’d be effectively doubling the clutter.

Try to take the focus away from the toilet

This makes perfect sense. After all, who wants to see themselves using the smallest room?! Bathroom mirrors are always very practical over the sink, and usually we add the toilet onto the same wall, so this should be an easy one to avoid. The Feng-Shui theory behind not reflecting the toilet is that “chi” (good energy connected with wealth and wellbeing) can be pulled in to the drain.

Reflect upon the views

If you are blessed with scenic views from your windows at home, you’re encouraged to place a mirror reflecting any natural water sources, trees, and vast open expanses. It’s believed that views of water will bring prosperity to your home, and that trees bring in energy for personal growth. And of course having a mirror placed in line with where natural light fills the room, will add even more to the room.

Mirror your best meals

Placing an ornate mirror over your dining table, whether it be in a separate dining room or in the living area, is said to encourage abundance and wealth in your home. Like the effect of doubling clutter in a negative sense, dining room mirrors double the food on the table. Just be careful to watch your waistline of course!