July 05, 2023


By Corey McNeill

The pursuit of the right context and aesthetic can be both stressful and alluring when undertaking an interior design project. However, for those about to undertake a life altering interior design project here are five steps that can lead to design success. Before we begin, your mission is very simple; maximise the interior space and find synergy between this space and your architectural design in order to realize the best arrangement of the space.

1. Understand your outcomes

In order to find design inspiration and to deliver upon this flair you or your design team will need to understand what outcomes you desire. You need to understand these expectations in order for you to be able to deliver in relation to these wants. By understanding what outcomes, you desire, you will be better able to interpret design needs in relation to such outcomes.

2. Agree on a design objective

Your objectives are different to your outcomes. Your outcomes are your design deliverables. Your objectives are your design inspirations. You need to begin the process of this interior design project by defining the design process in terms of influence in order to create parallels for objective analysis and delivery.

3. Finding the right talent

Knowledge is about talent. Undertaking an interior design endeavour requires talent and knowledge. Therefore, you need expertise with an understanding of design principles, planning rules and regulations, someone who understands the issues around finishes, detail, manufacturing and fabric choices to name but a few. You will need a range of talent. Therefore, you will need to find the right design team to help you deliver.

4. Keeping yourself inspired

It is easy to get caught up in the past or present without any clear focus on future design developments. It is crucial that you, as a project lead, follow industry developments. Read design magazines, websites and pamphlets. By attending conferences or workshops you can learn about new and cutting edge design that could impact on your design outcomes.

5. What materials will you use?

The only real limitation in design in the limitation of the imagination. However, the diversity of choice and design differentiation available in the retail and design spaces of our cultural capitals are enough to inspire the most diverse use of materials or resources for the best design outcomes. Therefore, by following trends and looking at innovation, you can look again at stone, wood, fabrics and wall coverings in different light as your design could be influenced by these new realities.

By following these five steps any novice interior designer can access a range of talent, inspiration and knowledge to help deliver the very best design outcomes and objectives. By empowering yourself, you can empower your own design endeavour.